Nepal Magar Association (NMA) is non-partisan and non-profit making Magar indigenous peoples’ organization established in 1982. NMA is a common and representative organization of Magar indigenous peoples of Nepal. Magar community is the largest ethnic group of indigenous nationalities of Nepal compromising 7.14 percent out of total population that is 16, 22,421 in number as per census record of 2001. It was duly registered with the government in 1992 and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council in 2003. Since its inception, it is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Magar language and culture; the upliftment of socio-economic and educational condition of Magars; the consolidation communal harmony among various communities; and the protection and promotion of human rights and indigenous peoples rights. NMA is federal structured organization. Presently Association has been expanded into 65 districts chapter out of 75 districts or 14th zonal coordination committed in Nepal, where has been formed the district chapter or zonal coordination committee. There are also activating VDC level committee. It has international chapters in eleven countries in abroad.

Besides working for Magar community, NMA has been coordinating even with other indigenous peoples? organizations of Nepal to protect and promote Indigenous peoples rights since its establishment. It is one of the founder organizations of Nepal’s indigenous peoples national network, Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) established in 1990. It has been actively participating in the work of NEFIN for ensuring the rights of indigenous peoples in Nepal.